A Better Life Starts
when you hold a hand that helps

Gujarat Sarvajanik Welfare Trust, Ahmedabad

Welcome to Gujarat Sarvajanik Welfare Trust

A trust of entrusted opportunities, a trust on a mission to fuel up promising lives for the upcoming futurity. A trust where a leap of faith shines every rising sun. A trust standing tall to support and uplift the passing posterity with hope and encouragement to lead a life for better tomorrow.

Hands, heads and heels held high

The ray of light and nutrition withholds a legacy laid for generations to remember, a revolution arising from deep within to conquer the collapsed system of disparity and extreme to sustain a pillar of strength, empowering the needs of tomorrow.

Vision to bridge the gap

A thick beam of support is all what it takes, to strive towards a raging ravage of time. The passage to march the miseries out with the might and mass for collective good, social welfare and oneness to the core is the crux of the ideal powerful nation.


Connect with us

Drop us a line to hear from our side and hint-out your hindrances. We are all glad to cocoon you with our support, in an order to struggle out sound stamp of always serving you better at the either


Committed To Social Upliftment

We harbour houses and anchor smiles

Lifespan in totality becomes good-to-go when two seeds of nourishment are taken ample and enough care-off: A.) Hope and B.) Support.

Hope is a house of possibilities and opportunities that acts as a potential polish to a human cycle towards a state of fruition, merriment and unbridled joy. Support is a suffice energy needed and only required to withstand the harsh pitfalls and loopholes of life.

At GSWT, we walk envisioning breaming smiles comforting out social dais of problems, by trunking out arrays of societal affairs, towards cushioning out cries of needier to stem abundant growth and development

Afzal Memon

Chief Functionary, GSWT

A Guide to Education

By Shama Center of Excellence
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Shama Centre of excellence
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Projects towards Societal Welfare

For better and ever-changing tomorrow

Ramadan food kit distribution is facilitated to the fasting families in the holy month of Ramadan


Group wedding ceremonies of 300  to 500 marriages are organized by the trust every year.


Its a fully equipped yet inexpensive, quality health care provider to the community.


Fully functional and dialysis treatment under various government schemes are provided.


Cataract operation program for the needy and cannot shoulder the expenses were made available.


Food & Ration Kits provided free of cost to families at the time of the great pandemic.


Educating aspirants with quality education yet not high on pockets, building future for the families.


Widows and their children are provided with financial and social support.

Rebuild lives for future

Lifting up with the hands of help for supporting more families

How to Find Us

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Bagmar Plaza, Jamalpur Cross Road
Ahmedabad - 380001


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